Anxiety also causes traffic accidents

We know that the consequences of anxiety can be deadly. Anxiety disorders are behind countless ailments and health problems, but they are also presented as the cause of a problem that takes the lives of many people: traffic accidents. Anxiety as a cause of accident.

Anxiety and the risk of traffic accidents

More and more people suffer from an anxiety disorder and this affects road safety. Many of the traffic accidents are caused by some human error, some mistake or some distraction caused by an anxiety problem. If we already knew that some anxiety medications can harm the driver, now we must be aware that certain emotional states can cause a traffic accident.

Emotional problems of all kinds, from the death of a family member to a sentimental breakup, going through economic or work concerns, are behind many traffic accidents that can be fatal. Driving nervous, upset, with a crying crisis or with the head on the verge of exploding with worries decreases concentration behind the wheel to the point of increasing the risk of an accident.

Prevent traffic accidents due to anxiety

The question we ask ourselves is: can an accident caused by anxiety be prevented? Many people have no choice but the car to get around and it is difficult to convince them not to take the car when they are upset or panicked . Logically, the ideal is that if anxiety tightens, the car stays in the garage. But it is not always possible.

To avoid this type of accident, prior preparation with relaxation techniques that the driver performs moments before getting into the car would be necessary. Driving focused on the road can also be achieved with the Mindfulness technique, capable of focusing on the here and now, at this precise moment when only the road exists and nothing else.

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