Spring multiples anxiety

It seems that the arrival of spring implies joy, optimism and love, but in many cases, this is the season of emotional disturbances. Extended daylight hours, good weather, flowers and bright colors seem not to be enough for all those people whose spirits are more sensitive to. Thus, not only does the dreaded spring asthenia appear which leaves you without strength, exhausted and hides your illusions, but also, cases of anxiety and depression increase.

The anxiety of spring

It is evident that in spring we are more nervous, more upset and more sensitive.  Sometimes, that leads us to be more excited, happier and with the perfect attitude to find love. But other times, the opposite occurs that this change of mood leads to more stress and anxiety, in some cases, falling into depression.

The disorders derived from the changes of season are well known and we cannot put all the blame on spring. Because who more or who less suffers the and the autumn depression, so we have to be prepared to cope with these emotional imbalances.

Generally, the anxiety symptoms that appear in spring are transitory, and last until our body begins to adapt to the change in light, customs, and the new smells and colors of the season. But when you have been suffering from a prolonged anxiety problem and it increases in the spring, it is best to.

Prevent spring anxiety

As we are well aware of the dangers of seasonal changes for our emotional balance, it is convenient to take some precautions at key moments. To alleviate the anxiety of spring, you can always resort twosome such as relaxing infusions or breathing exercises.

And although sometimes we don’t give it the proper importance, can also influence our mood. That is why it is necessary to have a balanced diet respecting meal times. A daily routine will help us alleviate anxiety, also controlling rest and hours of sleep.

In any case, in most cases, the anxiety caused by the arrival of spring is not serious and can always be controlled. If your body suffers the consequences of spring, let it speak, let out all the contained emotions and enjoy a certain nervousness before the spring rebirth.

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