­What is the world like for a person with anxiety?

Can you imagine living in fear, paralyzed, anguished and worried about everything? This is how a person with anxiety lives. And we are concerned that this increasingly frequent emotional disorder does not have the understanding and empathy of those who surround the anxious person. Can you imagine what the world is like for a person with anxiety? We tell you so you can understand.

The world, that hostile place for a person suffering from anxiety

Anxiety is an emotional mechanism that weal needs to survive, as it alerts us to danger.  But sometimes that response to danger gets out of hand and we see a risk in every gesture, in every action, in every decision we make. The world is a hostile place full of dangers for people who suffer from anxiety

The concerns of people with anxiety

Surely you have ever told a friend that she shouldn’t think so much, that she worries too much about everything and that she gives everything too much importance. Worries do not give a person suffering from anxiety a moment’s respite and advising them not to think about it so much is not going to improve their situation.

The fears of anxiety

People who suffer from anxiety see the world with fear and little by little see how phobias they are taking over their lives. Fear and anxiety are two basic emotions that go hand in hand and not only when the feared panic attacks appear.

The future is uncertain

Closely related to anxiety fears is the perception of an uncertain future that tends to pessimism. If something can go wrong, it will go worse. That’s what goes through an anxious person’s head every time they think about tomorrow.

Doubt is the owner of your life

The world of people with anxiety is full of insecurity and doubt. You also have doubts about your own worth and abilities that end up lowering your to worrying levels.

The diseases of people with anxiety

But it’s not just anxiety; it’s not just anxiety attacks and panic. It is not only palpitations, tachycardia and shortness of breathe, but anxiety disorders generate a series of physical aids that are difficult to treat, since their origin is psychosomatic.

Misunderstood anxiety

Furthermore, the world does not understand the anxious person. There are people who identify anxiety with stress and others with nervousness. ‘You’re nervous, relax’ is one of the most frequent phrases that people with anxiety have to hear.

The world is uncontrollable

Many perfectionists suffer from an anxiety disorder when they realize they can’t keep  everything under control. It is true; anxiety produces a feeling of not being able to control anything that happens in your life.

Anxiety paralyzes you

It may be because of this lack of control or because of fear, but people with anxiety suffer moments of vital paralysis, unable to do anything, unable to decide anything, unable to get excited about anything.

Repetitive thoughts

You are not sure if you have turned off the light and you go back to the room to check. You come back several times. The same thing can happen to you with the keys, have I closed the door? But repetitive, recurring or obsessive thoughts are not limited to everyday actions; they invade all areas of life.

Between yesterday and tomorrow

They say that depression is the excess of the past and anxiety is the excess of the future.  It may be, but it also means simplifying a lot of problems that can end up ruining your life. What is clear is that a person with anxiety does not live in the present; they just survive one more day.

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