Causes of anxiety: discover what generates your anxiety in order to combat it

We know that to combat any emotional disorder we must first know the causes that cause it. In this way, we can not only focus on finding the most appropriate treatment, but we can also prevent a relapse. That is why we have set out to find the causes of anxiety.

Although anxiety does not have a specific cause and in some people it is motivated by a genetic factor, we can ensure that there are certain behavior patterns that predispose to anxiety. Once we know what the behavior that generates our anxiety is, we can now look for the treatment that is best for us.

Causes of anxiety

Stress. Stress ranks as the number one cause of anxiety. Its symptoms are so similar to those of anxiety that the two disorders are often confused. The stress generated by the current pace of life, when not managed, leads to an anxiety disorder, which in turn can lead to depression. That is why we must keep under control that triangle that stress, anxiety and depression draws.

Responsibility. Excess responsibility is another of the most frequent causes of anxiety.  Women are especially sensitive to this problem since we have to become superwomen  with functions that range from being the funniest friend to the courageous mother, going through the successful professional.

Perfectionism. All those people who are too perfectionists, who need to do everything right, who are unable to delegate because they have to have everything under control and who do not accept making mistakes in any area of ​​​​their lives, have a strong disposition to suffer from an anxiety disorder.

Insecurity. A poor perception of oneself, a low assessment of one’s own abilities or a lack of self-esteem is also a cause of anxiety. Living in insecurity is living in fear of doing everything wrong, of everything going wrong. Therefore, insecurity precedes anxiety.

Emotional imbalance. Not having found emotional balance , not knowing what you want in life or not knowing how to accept life as it comes can cause an anxiety disorder. Anxiety due to life dissatisfaction that often leads to depression.

Accumulation of adverse situations. Anxiety can also be the consequence of a long period of adverse life situations. It is true that sometimes things go wrong and go wrong all at once. Hence arises the need to learn to be stronger psychologically and not let ourselves be overcome by difficulties.

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