Anxiety can be prevented: tips to avoid stress

You sure know her. That restlessness that invades you suddenly without really knowing why, that tachycardia, that tingling, that dizziness that soon disappears to give way to anguish, pessimism and obsessive thoughts. You can no longer think clearly and the next time you will avoid the situation that caused this episode of anxiety. Surely you think that it is stress that really controls your life and that you can do little, but the truth is that anxiety can be prevented in many cases. We tried?

Tips to prevent anxiety

People who have suffered from generalized anxiety for a while or even those who have once suffered from an anxiety or panic attack live in fear of its recurrence. Indeed, anxiety comes and goes, appears and disappears until in the end, if we do nothing to remedy it, it definitely settles in our lives to take control away from us. We are not going to allow it and that is why we have compiled some tips to prevent anxiety.

Sleep well; essential for anxiety

Anxiety and insomnia become entangled in a vicious circle from which it is very difficult to escape. It’s difficult, but it can. In many cases it is not possible to know if they came first and that caused the anxiety or it was the other way around, but it doesn’t matter now. The only thing that matters is that sleeping well is the best way to combat anxiety, waking up rested and with a renewed mind, which is precisely the function of sleep, will help you think clearly.

Diet against anxiety

We are not going to propose a diet of specific foods that can calm the symptoms of anxiety, but to recommend that you eat a healthy and balanced diet so that your body functions properly and to be able to concentrate all your efforts at times when anxiety is pressing. It goes without saying that alcohol and exciting drinks will have to come out of your daily habits until you have anxiety under control.

Physical exercise to ward off anxiety

You’re getting nervous, you can’t think straight, you don’t feel well, and anxiety is about to paralyze you, but don’t let it. Go for a walk or, better yet, go for a run, because physical exercise is a powerful enemy of anxiety. If you also want to relax and combat muscle tension problems that you have, the best thing to do is to swim.

Breathe and forget about anxiety

Can’t you anymore? Leave everything you are doing because now you need a moment for yourself. Mindful breathing helps you shift your focus and focus on the movements your body makes when breathing. Many times the anxiety crisis comes invoked by us that we cannot help but stop thinking about it.

Organization for anxiety

When anxiety arrives, everything gets out of control, so you must be more attentive than ever to have an almost perfect organization in all areas of your life. Delimit work and leisure time without breaking your own rules, not leaving pending tasks and finding time for yourself, to relax, to improve your self-esteem and to take care of yourself.

Positive thinking to combat anxiety

The power of the mind is greater than we think which is why there is so much insistence on maintaining appositive to ward off the feeling of doom. Nor should we fall into unreality or superstition, it is about maintaining a balance between favorable and unfavorable circumstances, because there are always both. Hard, right? But not impossible.

Help for anxiety

There may come a time when you have to ask to combat anxiety. The ‘Do it yourself’ or ‘do it yourself’ when it comes to emotional disorders is not always possible because some psychological mechanisms escape us. No one better than a professional to give you the right tools that can keep anxiety at a useful and non-destructive level. 

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