How to avoid memory loss caused by anxiety

Anxiety is taking over our lives transforming our environment and also our behavior. A presents a thousand and one ways of manifesting itself, but this time we have focused on how memory works in cases of anxiety. What happens to memory with anxiety?

Memory and anxiety

Anxiety disorders are associated with dysfunctional emotional responses. Excessive worry, irrational fear, obsessions, and distortion can impair memory by focusing thought on a particular obsession. Memory suffers with anxiety and the memory loss that worries people who suffer from it can easily arise.

It is impost where it is best observed how anxiety affects memory. That traumatic episode is recorded in his memory and his mental image grows so much to the point of eliminating many of the other memories that have nothing to do with the episode.

Also in cases of obsessive this memory loss occurs. The person who suffers from it becomes obsessed with certain rituals that protect them from supposed threats. There is no room in memory for more memories than obsessive acts. Fixing attention on something very specific makes the rest of the thoughts secondary.

Avoid memory loss due to anxiety

It happens with this memory loss that when the person realizes that they cannot remember certain things, they become frightened and trigger more anxiety. That is why it is important to control the state of memory when suffering from a disorder of this type. How to protect memory? It should be remembered at this time that anxiety should be managed by a medical professional.

There are some strategies to avoid anxiety-induced memory loss that we can do on our own. Memory-boosting exercises are a good pastime to keep your memory sharp, but coping with memory loss requires careful organization. Writing down everything on the agenda, what has been done and what has to be done is very important so as not to feel insecure.

Psychological therapy for anxiety includes techniques to improve memory and intellectual performance diminished by anxiety disorders. There is also the option of taking vitamin supplements aimed at improving memory function.

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