Bach flower remedies for anxiety

Bach flower therapy is based on the belief that any physical condition finds its origin in an emotional imbalance. When something goes wrong on the psychic plane, it manifests itself through illnesses. Taking into account that Bach flowers help restores balance, it is presented as one of the best remedies to combat anxiety.

The most suitable Bach flowers for anxiety

Aspen. It is the most used flower to treat anxiety because it calms fears in general and reduces the feeling of worry and anguish. It also helps to take a more realistic view of the situation, leaving the mind free of negative thoughts.

Cherry Plum. This flower eliminates the feeling of loss of control, a very common reaction to anxiety that only increases our insecurity, fears, and worries.

Red Chestnut. When anxiety is generated by excessive worry, by the obsessive need for those around us to be safe, secure, protected… it is the ideal situation to start taking Red Chestnut.

Sweet Chestnut. That paralyzing anguish that sometimes accompanies anxiety disorders calms down with this flower that lightens the weight of anguish.

Rockrose. When panic attacks recur and the fear of suffering another terrible episode leads to another attack, the Rock Rose flower can mitigate that panic.

Cato. It is, without a doubt, the flower of insecurity. When anxiety manifests itself mainly in the form of insecurity, the inability to make decisions or necessarily seek the approval of others, the creator can help us regain confidence .

The M. That excess of responsibilities, those obligations that we are increasing without being aware of our own limits can lead us to a state of general anxiety. The burden of responsibility is greatly reduced thanks to this Elm flower.

Tips for taking Bach flower remedies

These are just a few of the many flowers whose benefits are seen in the treatment of anxiety. If the names are in English, it is because to take the Bach flowers, it is not necessary to go out into the field, pick the flowers and process them, but the ideal is to buy the tinctures of those flowers, that is, the flowers ready for consumption.

Once we have the tinctures already mixed with water and brandy, something we can do ourselves or buy the ready-made mix, we can start the treatment. The Bach flower treatment is used by adding four drops mixed in water, four times a day. Although the first three days of treatment can be taken as many times as you want.

One of the advantages of this flower therapy is that it has no side effects . Experts say that the improvement is observed a few days after starting the treatment and warn that the flowers are much more effective if they are taken ten minutes before or after meals so that food does not interfere with their effect.

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