Anxiety crisis: what to do when life overwhelms us

More than half of the population has suffered or will suffer at least one anxiety attack in their lifetime. According to experts, anxiety disorders are becoming more frequent and also affect more women. Anxiety is a necessary emotion in our lives because it alerts us to dangers and gives us the stimuli we need to face a certain situation. However, when anxiety appears not as a response, but as a generalized situation, it is then that it becomes a psychological problem.

When does the anxiety crisis appear?

Today’s world is conducive to developing anxiety disorders. Cases of anxiety attacks or panic are increasing and women are especially sensitive to these anxiety disorders. And it is that the pressure to which we women live is very high. Converted into super women for decades, we take care of the house, the education of children, our elders, taking care of our relationship and being the best professionals.

In this situation, it is not strange that given such a load of responsibility, certain fears of not being able to maintain everything appear and that is when life begins to overcome us, when depressive states appear, the feeling of sadness, anguish and fear of losing it. All. The somatic response to this state is usually an anxiety attack.

If you suddenly notice that you are short of breath and begin to breathe faster,  hyperventilate, if you notice tremors or tingling in your legs and arms, if your muscles tense, your mouth is dry and your hands sweat, if you have tachycardia , a lump in the throat and the feeling that something is going to happen, surely you are suffering from an anxiety attack.

How to act in the face of an anxiety crisis?

An anxiety crisis lasts between 5 and 30 minutes, although your perception when you are suffering from it is that it will never end. If this is the first time you have suffered an anxiety attack, it is best to go to a hospital. There they know how to calm you down and they will refer you to a specialist to find out if it is an isolated episode or, on the contrary, you have an anxiety disorder that requires psychological.

One of the most used treatments in the face of an anxiety crisis is to place a bag over the nose and mouth of the affected person so that they can breathe in it. Although at first glance it seems that you are resorting to “grandmother’s, it is a method that is also used in some hospitals when a patient arrives with an anxiety crisis.

There are people who only suffer an anxiety attack at a difficult time in their lives, but the tendency is for the anxiety attack to recur. The very fear of suffering another anxiety attack is what can cause the next one. We then get into a circle of anguish and anxiety that is very difficult to abandon, which is why psychological treatment is necessary to help us live happier, leaving anxiety and fear aside.

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