Anxiety due to my partner: how to detect it and stop it right now

We’ve gotten used to hearing that love hurts and it’s not true, but we believe it anyway. That is why we do not give importance to that emotional discomfort that we feel in our, we think that it is the price to pay for love. And true love is free and generous; you don’t have to pay anything for it. It is possible that your anxiety problems are the fault of your partner. Were you thinking? Well, discover how to detect it and stop it now.

How to know if your partner is the cause of your anxiety?

We are not going to distribute blame either, although sometimes the culprit has a first and last name and are so close to you that he sleeps with you every night. Your partner can be the cause of your anxiety and, in fact, it is one of the most frequent causes of suffering from a disorder of this type. It is not uncommon for this anxiety caused by your partner to, so it will be better to detect it as soon as possible.

Your partner refuses to talk about the state of the relationship, doesn’t listen to you when you tell them how you feel or when something bothers you. What’s more, he tells you something like that he has neither the time nor the desire to attend to your nonsense.

Your partner creates, intentionally or not, a climate of insecurity in the relationship. He does not finish defining himself, he does not commit himself, he is ambiguous and at no time does he express his feelings or what he would like to have with you in the future. Your relationship is in the hands of uncertainty.

Your partner is lying, which does not mean that he is being unfaithful to you. He lies about important things and about unimportant things. And other times he does not lie, he simply hides data from his daily activities. We insist that this does not have to be a sign of infidelity, but it is trying to maintain mystery and doubt.

Your partner does not value you. He always reminds you of what you do wrong, he never points out the positive or what he likes about you. If he also treats you with contempt as if you were not up to his standards, be careful, because anxiety will be the least of your problems.

How to stop the anxiety that your partner causes you?

If you recognize yourself in these situations and you are suffering from an anxiety problem, you already have the cause: your partner. Now you will spend some time trying to find out why, if your partner does it intentionally or doesn’t realize it, if your partner is a pathological narcissist or if they don’t know how to do it any other way, if your partner, anyway Does he want to drive you crazy or is it that you understand relationships in different ways.

When you feel emotional discomfort in your relationship, when you see that communication is not possible, that you cannot talk to your partner about what worries you, do not try to find the answers on your own. Ask for help, psychologist because anxiety is a major problem that you have to stop as soon as possible. Before it turns into a depression.

These types of sentimental situations usually end up with you reduced to the minimum expression. Without strength, without desire, without motivation, without illusion and without. And the greatest danger is the dependency that you can create on that partner who is trying (we don’t know if consciously or not) to leave you in the background, gagged and tied up so that he feels powerful, safe and in control of the relationship.

And wouldn’t it be your partner who should go to the psychologist? Of course you do, but are you willing to go? Surely he does not see any problem in the relationship and blames your anxiety problems on you, because (according to him) you are weak or too sensitive. Can you count on him to go to couples therapy?

If not, you only have one option left, the most painful and the saddest. But your mental health is at stake; don’t risk it for love because true love would never put you in this situation.

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