The 5 situations that generate the most anxiety

The song says that there are three things in life: health, money and love. And it is true. As long as we have these three areas of our lives under control, we can experience a certain emotional balance. It is when any of these areas falters when anxiety disorders appear. We describe the 5 situations that generate the most anxiety.

5 situations that cause anxiety

  1. Job stability. The current crisis situation has multiplied job insecurity and also instability. Today we are surrounded by a sensation of temporality at work that generates great anxiety. The fear of losing our job makes us accept more responsibilities than we should and dedicate more hours to work than to ourselves. Waking up every morning with the feeling that all the effort we make may not be enough to keep the job causes a feeling of insecurity that increases nervousness.
  2. Being unemployed. If work causes anxiety, the lack of it also. Many people have lost their jobs and future prospects are not encouraging. Anxiety is one of the consequences of being unemployed caused by the frustration of a job search with hopeless results.  The recommendation is to remain calm to use the best resources in the job search, but how to calm your nerves when the unemployment situation is prolonged?
  3. Couple discussion. We already know that falling in love causes anxiety, but it is a positive anxiety, very different from the one that appears with the first arguments as a couple. Relationship problems are one of the main causes of anxiety, due to the lack of control we have over feelings. Fear of change and the nerves of not being able to solve conflicts as soon as possible are the main characteristics of this love anxiety.
  4. Disease. Health is another of the most important sources of anxiety. The intuition that something is wrong, uncertainty about the diagnosis and doubts about the results of the treatments generate anxiety that is very logical, but that can get out of hand if we lose perspective.
  5. Evaluation. The situations in which we face an evaluation or an assessment motivate the appearance of anxiety, although it is usually a temporary anxiety that does not need treatment. The moments before an exam, a job interview and even that crucial day when you meet your in-laws are propitious for anxiety symptoms to play a trick on us.

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