The rain test: Assess your level of anxiety

The objective of this creation is for you to be able to evaluate your level of anxiety to guess what can alter your peace and tranquility and remedy it. Another thing that can be detected through the rain testis your frustration and your mechanisms when it comes to defending yourself. Ready to find out?

The relationship between the rain test and your anxiety

The realization of this drawing you do unconsciously. There are people who will paint a lot of rain, others who will omit the umbrella, but there will also be those who will place the person under the cloud… There are thousands of interpretations and each one has special let’s start!

Umbrella: yes or no

First detail. Have you drawn an umbrella? You have difficulties coping with adverse situations. Nerves block you and make you unable to make a decision. If, on the other hand, you have painted a large umbrella, it denotes that you tend to isolate yourself from those around you and that you are always looking for someone to lean

Second detail. Have you highlighted the handle of the umbrella in any way? You need to believe in something that allows you to stand up and not collapse.

Guidance of the rain

If the water falls straight, you are a stable person! If, on the contrary, the rain is oriented to the left, it means that you are quite pessimistic, but if you draw it to the right, it speaks of your passion to do things well and your desire to grow professionally.

Placement human figure

Whether you are the person in this drawing or someone you have invented, the position you have given it has a specific meaning. Let’s start! Is it in front? You are not afraid of anything or anyone and you always take the bull by the horns! In profile: you always seek to get out of complicated situations. On your back: You avoid being the center of attention. But perhaps your figure is not standing and is shown seated, depressive in sight!

Drawing size

You have a whole page to draw everything you want, but perhaps despite the space, your drawing is small. You know why? Do you want to know what this means? You are shying insecure and your self-esteem is rather low. On the contrary, a drawing that covers the entire paper speaks of your need to be valued.

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