Anxiety for everyone about going back to school

Summer comes to an end and the air becomes thin. No, it’s not even close to fall yet, so it’s not about weather. Going back to school hangs over the whole family like a dark shadow that generates anxiety that is difficult to stop. We can be calm because that anxiety will disappear at the end of the adaptation period. Anxiety for everyone about going back to school.

Anxiety in parents about going back to school

If you have already overcome the post-vacation depression and the typical nerves of returning to work after a great summer, now is the time to face another moment of anxiety, with the nerves on the verge of exploding and with the worry of not knowing if you are going to be able to do it. Of course you can. It is about the return to school of your children who, although they should be the most affected, the collateral damage reaches the whole family.

The anxiety about going back to school that is generated in parents is fundamentally of an economic nature. The question is how to deal with all the expenses. We are talking about acquiring books, school supplies, clothing, formalizing enrollment in a short space of time. The key is in the organization and in the foresight. Going back to school is not a surprise and it cannot catch you off guard because it happens every year on the same dates.

The best thing to avoid the economic stress of going back to school is to reserve money each month for that purpose. If you do it throughout the year, surely the next time you go back to school you will sleep more peacefully. And remember that you may have to adjust your work schedules to be able to care for your children without so much chaos in this new academic year.

Anxiety in children about going back to school

If for parents going back to school is a time of anxiety about money, anxiety in children is of a different nature. Nerves for starting a new course that is surely more difficult than the previous one, for meeting your classmates, for trying to be the most popular or, simply going unnoticed, for recovering the rhythm lost during the summer…

There are many worries that fill the minds of the little ones when the return to school approaches. As with the return to work for the elderly, experts recommend starting to adapt to schedules a few days before, starting to put them to bed earlier and not letting them sleep as long as they want. Nor is it too much that in these last days they resume intellectual activity by doing exercise notebooks with a certain schedule.

The nerves of going back to school are inevitable, but we can reduce the anxiety of children based on safety and protection. If we provide our children with sufficient self-confidence, they will be able to face the return to school without fear and perhaps they will even be excited to resume normal activity.

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