Anxiety in a child: how to help a child with anxiety

The consequences of anxiety are felt in all aspects of life and it is very difficult to live with a person and their anxiety disorder, especially because of the helplessness of wanting to help and not knowing how to do it. That impotence can turn into anguish when the one who suffers the anxiety is one of our children. And it is important to note that a child’s anxiety  can occur at any stage of her life.

Helping your child with childhood anxiety

If someone believed that anxiety disorders were exclusive to adults or that, at most, they could appear in adolescence, we can assure you that this is not the case. Babies and children can also suffer from anxiety and it is a confusing situation where parents hardly know what to do to help.

Any anxiety problem must be treated by a professional. Generally, a school-age child with anxiety will experience great improvement if they go to a psychologist who specializes  in childhood emotional disorders. But there are many things that can be done within the family itself to avoid or prevent anxiety in children.

If the child spends his childhood in a calm environment, where the arguments are not loud, where the family does not hurt each other, but shows their affection at all times, they are less likely to suffer from an anxiety disorder. In the same way, if the parents provide the child with self-confidence and confidence, many cases of school anxiety can be prevented.

Helping your child with adolescent anxiety

Adolescence is one of the most complicated stages in a person’s development. If we are concerned about anxiety in adolescents, it is because it is a moment that can determine the emotional balance of the adult and that can decide the way he will have to face life in his adult life. So, you have to be more than attentive to anxiety in adolescents and stop thinking that “they are things of age.”

If helping a child with anxiety is something we can do in our own family environment, anxiety in adolescents is getting out of hand and we must put our child in the hands of a psychologist. Psychological treatment will determine the origin of the problem and we will have to pay attention to the behavioral guidelines indicated by the specialist. In any case, if your teenager has anxiety, the best help from her is to show her that you are there for her from her as a support from her and not as an enemy.

Helping your adult child with anxiety

Not because we are an adult will our children stop worrying when they suffer from an anxiety disorder. At present, there are many people who are being forced to return to their parents’ home once they have become independent. People who have lost everything or almost everything and who find themselves in the best of cases with only one option: to return to their parents’ house. The anxiety problems of these people who have to start over are more than evident.

That is why many parents wonder what else they can do to help that adult child who, in addition to his financial problems, cannot overcome his anxiety disorder. Without substituting medical treatment, the role of parents in cases of an adult child with anxiety must be supported from understanding, never from reproach.

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