It turns out that we know the secret to a good quality of life and we don’t always use it. A balanced diet and a little physical exercise is the best formula to feel good, energetic and happy.

The advantages of physical exercise are so many that it is even ranked as the number one ally in the fight against anxiety.

When we find ourselves with an anxiety disorder, it is not a matter of putting aside pharmacological, much less psychotherapy. But we can go a long way toward regaining emotional balance if we do our part. “Men’s sane in corpora sane” said the ancients and that is how we are going to do it.

Benefits of physical exercise to combat anxiety

We could make an endless list of the benefits of physical, but we are going to limit ourselves to the main and most obvious ones, to all those benefits that are perceived from minute zero. And you don’t have to beat yourself up in the gym or become an elite athlete.

When we talk about physical exercise, some movement is enough, at least 30 minutes four times a week. If we take into account that an exercise that adapts to all ages and physical situations is to walk lightly through the park, we cannot miss this opportunity to prevent anxiety based on a little exercise.

-The benefits of physical exercise are observed in both the physical and psychological  spheres.

-Physical exercise regulates the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, thus reducing the fear of some symptoms such as tachycardia or shortness of breath.

-Practicing physical exercise increases serotonin. Thus, our mood improves, feeling more relaxed, happier and one step further away from depression and anxiety.

-Exercise also stimulates the production of endorphins to immediately feel a sense of well-being and reduce muscle aches associated with anxiety disorders.

-While we practice physical exercise we, we recover energy and a sense of control.

-Self-esteem and self-confidence are also benefited by the practice of physical exercise.  This can help us eliminate insecurity and fear of not being able to face problems.

-In addition to protecting the immune system, physical exercise is the healthiest option to combat fatigue and insomnia caused by anxiety disorders.

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