Mental block due to anxiety: the anxiety that paralyzes your mind

Suddenly you go blank; you don’t know what to say, or what to do. Suddenly your mind paralyzes and that only increases your nervousness and anxiety. Mental blockage is one of the most frequent symptoms of anxiety and can occur at work, in a social event, in studies, in exams, etc. We fight the mental block due to anxiety.

Types of mental blocks

The mental block caused by anxiety can occur in the most varied situations and, generally, in the most inopportune situations. One of the most frequent types of mental block is that which prevents you from concentrating on what you are doing. The inability to pay attention as a result of nerves can play tricks on you at work. Although this mental block is especially frustrating in exams.

Another type of mental block is closely related to social anxiety . That fear of speaking in public, the fear of being ridiculous, of being judged, criticized or evaluated is the reason why your mind suddenly paralyzes in a work meeting and you can’t articulate a word. Or that you are at a social event and are unable to interact with others.

Equally worrisome is this mental block, also a symptom of anxiety, which causes learning  problems, with great difficulty retaining new information and which can cause many problems, especially in studies, but also at work.

How to unlock the mind?

The first thing you should do if you are blocked is to disconnect , that is, change your activity or think about something else, preferably pleasant and pleasant. Maybe your mental block is due to nerves because the deadline to deliver a project is over and you don’t want to waste a second on another distraction. But your work will be much more productive if you manage to stop the mental block. Any time spent clearing your mind will be time well spent.

A very effective technique to solve a situation of mental blockage is breathing. If you breathe deeply and consciously, you can relieve your nerves a bit and unblock your mind, letting your thoughts flow in order. And to avoid mental blockage caused by anxiety in the long term, it is best to practice relaxation exercises regularly.

Meditation can also help you regain some control over your thoughts, thus avoiding anxiety mental block. But in any case, you must remember that an anxiety disorder needs psychological treatment. As you progress in psychotherapy you will see how the mental block is less and less frequent.

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