Anxiolytics are not the best treatment for anxiety: alternatives

Anxiety problems are common in a society dominated by a hectic pace where everything gets out of hand. Although there are different, some can be generalized, while others can be specific, the norm is that this problem is treated based on anxiolytics. Given the increase in cases of anxiety, alarm is also growing about the side effects of their treatment with these drugs, since they produce a strong dependency. Thus, we investigate possible alternatives to anxiolytics as a treatment to control anxiety.

Anxiolytics for anxiety

Surely you have ever gone through a moment of stress and nervousness that overwhelmed you, with shortness of breath, tingling in the hands and with a suffocating feeling of anguish. It is an anxiety attack and it is a temporary episode. But even if that specific moment has passed, you may maintain a high level of anxiety that hurts you when it comes to concentrating on your work, enjoying your leisure time and when you sleep.

It is always advisable to go to the doctor, because suffering from a continuous anxiety disorder can. But keep in mind that your doctor will recommend an anxiolytic as a treatment. And yes, the immediate properties of these medicines are spectacular, because immediately you feel tension, nervousness and anguish disappear, but you will have to be careful, because if you base your recovery solely on anxiolytics, you run a great risk of dependency.

In no case do we renounce conventional medicine, not even the use of anxiolytics to treat emotional imbalances such as anxiety, but we do recommend that their use be done with caution, using them in times of greatest need and resorting to them the rest of the time.  To alternative therapies to combat anxiety that do.

Alternatives to anxiolytics

If we are faced with a case of generalized anxiety, it is best to, which will help us understand the causes of our anxiety and treat it from within. But we can also help ourselves with simple gestures that surround us in tranquility and calm, and for this, alternative therapies are the best solution.

Phototherapy is one of the best allies to combat anxiety and nervousness, through infusions of relaxing plants and other home. Relaxation techniques and yoga, which teach us to breathe correctly to control stress and, why not, meditation, are increasingly popular due to their effectiveness and their zero side effects.

But in the face of the anxiety that life and its worries cause us, it is best to try to find from within. Increase security and self-esteem and learn to relativize daily problems so that they do not eat up all our energy and enthusiasm.

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