Letter from your anxiety to you

Sometimes you don’t understand it; sometimes you don’t even understand yourself, why do you have anxiety? Should you live with it for the rest of your life or can you keep it away from you? Sufferings ongoing battles that more and more people have to face. And in a battle it is essential to know the enemy, but anxiety has a thousand faces and each time it presents you with a different one. This time we have a letter from your anxiety for you, a letter from which you can learn.

What your anxiety means to you?

Dear friend,

I don’t know why you insist on getting me away from your life, when I’m not willing to give up on you. Do you remember the first time we met? They told you my name at the hospital: Anxiety. You thought you were going to die; you were terrified because you didn’t know what was happening in your body and in your mind, you lost control and you saw everything as in another dimension. That was me, who appeared in your life out of nowhere, by surprise. And here I am still by your side so long after.

You will have noticed that it is very difficult to mislead me that sometimes you think that I am not here and suddenly I appear again. Always by surprise, I like it that way, I like to surprise you. Recognize that sometimes you also see me come from afar, when you broke up with your partner, when you lost your job or when your friend got sick.

When anxiety appears?

Other times you feel me very close, you know that I am there shaking your hand on windy nights, when you get on an elevator, when you have a work presentation, when you go to the dentist or gynecologist, when you are invited to a dinner with lots of people, when you sit at the table at a family meal or when you get on that train.

I am always there, altering your heartbeat, making you sweat and tremble, not letting you breathe. But don’t worry, I am like God. Now you know that anxiety squeezes but does not drown. I’m here when your hands go numb, when your muscles stiffen, when your head hurts, when you can’t sleep, when you get obsessed with something, when you can’t think straight. When you’re exhausted and scared, I’m there too. I accompany you in the worst; I don’t know why you want to get rid of me.

How to remove anxiety from your life?

Can’t you find a way to get me out of your life? Deep down I know you’ll make it because you’re stronger than me, although you haven’t realized it yet. One day you will wake up more rested than usual, the next you will believe in yourself again, and the next you will learn to relativize, one day you will convince yourself that you deserve to be happy and, the next, I know, you will begin to feel so strong that you can with everything. And the day you get your back and wake up willing to chase them, that day I will be gone forever.

Your anxiety.


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