Misunderstood anxiety: when no one understands your suffering

There will be people who consider you weak, who think that you are a storyteller or that the only thing that happens to you is that you are hysterical. And there will be those who think that your anxiety problems are an excuse not to work. But we know that it is not so.  And we are going to clarify what exactly it means to suffer from an anxiety disorder, as well as to warn of its consequences. Many people may not understand anxiety, but we are with you.

Frivoling with anxiety

When a person suffers from an anxiety disorder, they very often have to face, in addition to all the symptoms of anxiety, people’s misunderstanding, reproachful and critical looks.  This situation occurs due to a lack of sensitivity, of course, but also because not everyone is capable of understanding what an anxiety problem entails.

Something similar happens with anxiety as with depression, which we often frivoled with a serious problem. “What depression” or “I have terrible anxiety” are expressions that we frequently use without being very aware that in this way we minimize the social impact of these disorders. Thus, there are many people who cannot understand how anxiety can ruin a life.

Sometimes it is the people who suffer from anxiety themselves who cannot believe that they are facing a problem that needs treatment. And they let it go, while anxiety grows and inevitably becomes entangled in their lives. The truth is that anxiety is an important disorder that needs treatment as soon as possible. Only then can we avoid the devastating consequences of a long period of anxiety.

How can anxiety affect your life?

Ending the misunderstanding that anxiety generates is important, because it is not fair to add more suffering to a person with anxiety. To the physical problems that you have to deal with on a daily basis, such as fatigue, insomnia, headaches or muscle problems, we cannot add having to convince others that you really have a problem.

But it is that the consequences of anxiety are not limited to physical discomfort. People with anxiety are more at risk of suffering from other emotional disorders such as depression or social phobia. Not to mention that both generalized anxiety and the feeling of feeling misunderstood can lead the person who suffers from it to the world of addictions.

We say this because we would like to help all those people who suffer from anxiety and misunderstanding at the same time. And we would like to send a message to all those people who see anxiety problems as a story or even nonsense: anxiety is not faked;  Anxiety is suffered, as are its terrible consequences.

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