Olive oil to combat anxiety and pain

We continue to search for reliable, effective and safe alternatives for the treatment of different diseases. The trend is to unite science and nature to enjoy a better quality of life and the truth is that when we talk about quality of life, olive oil inevitably appears. In the case of anxiety disorders, olive oil comes to alleviate them in the form of a very recent study. Discover the benefits of olive oil for anxiety.

Oleic acid for the nerves

When we talk about the benefits of olive oil to combat anxiety, we are not talking about incorporating the Mediterranean diet into our nutritional habits, although it would not hurt. We are talking about a recent study carried out at the National Hospital for Paraplegics in Spain, which has discovered how olive oil can alleviate neuropathic pain  and the anxiety derived from this pain.

The team worked in their study with one of the main components of olive oil, oleic acid, and the results are very encouraging for this disease that affects the central nervous system and that, in addition to intense and chronic pain, is accompanied by high anxiety.

If we are interested in this study, it is because it represents an important step in treating this type of anxiety generated by illness, in this case, by pain. But also because it is a breakthrough in the world of anti-anxiety drugs. And it is that more and more people avoid anxiety medications due to their side effects and contraindications.

Oleic acid to treat anxiety is giving very good results at the level of medical research and it is expected that it will soon be commercialized. Thus, it would be a new drug for anxiety, but this time safer and more natural without the risk of classic anxiolytics. Perhaps the balance is in uniting science and nature.

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