Nervous anxiety: when anxiety does not let you live

Anxiety becomes a problem when it stops fulfilling its function as an alarm mechanism and makes us feel worried, alert and fearful for no reason and continuously. That is anxiety turned into pathology, turned into a problem.

And once anxiety has become a disorder, it becomes something dynamic, changing, and very difficult to catch because of the variety of forms it presents. One of the most dangerous sides of anxiety is nervous anxiety, when anxiety doesn’t even let us live.

Symptoms of nervous anxiety

Nervous anxiety is a step beyond generalized anxiety disorder. It appears when we have reached the extreme, when life overwhelms us in such a way that we are unable to control any type of emotion. A totally overflowing torrent of emotions characterized by a constant nervousness that is impossible to mitigate.

In reality, the symptoms of nervous anxiety are the same as those of anxiety, only worsened, more violent, more evident, and more dangerous. Fear, panic attacks, insecurity, indecision and physical symptoms lead us to a mental state in which we just want to run away, disappear, since we cannot continue with our normal life.

We are facing one of the most dangerous manifestations of anxiety, since it implies a high risk of suicide. This emotional disorder makes its effects noticeable in the form of a significant distortion of reality, so that only catastrophic and unfortunate thoughts are had.  The passage from nervous anxiety to depression is almost inevitable.

Avoid nervous anxiety

In view of the danger that nervous anxiety constitutes for the integrity of the person who suffers from it, but also for those around them, since aggressive behaviors are also seen in this type of anxiety, medical is inevitable. A combination of drugs with psychotherapy is the only chance to overcome nervous anxiety.

It must be taken into account that this type of nervous anxiety often requires hospital admission, so on this occasion, we are going to leave the natural remedies for anxiety for when the recovery is more advanced. And it is that nervous anxiety is not a state of mind that we can control, not even learn to drive.

However, we can somehow prevent this nervous anxiety or avoid future relapses once we have overcome it. The best prevention against nervous anxiety is positive thinking, optimism and controlling relaxation tricks. Because the first conviction that we must have in this life is that everything can improve.

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