Shyness and social anxiety: can they be overcome?

Many times we are not able to distinguish between what is shyness and what is social anxiety. We already know that shyness can be overcome, but what about that shyness with overtones of social anxiety? The truth is that both shyness and social anxiety can be overcome with effort, dedication and perseverance.

How to overcome shyness and social anxiety

There are shy people and there are people with social anxiety. The line between the two is so thin that sometimes it is difficult for us to establish where one ends and the other begins. The main difference between them is that while shyness is a character trait, social anxiety is an emotional disorder. We are also talking about a difference of degree.

There are many techniques to overcome shyness that can help us greatly reduce the consequences of social anxiety, but since it is an emotional disorder, it is best to go to a specialist to overcome this problem. Meanwhile, we can continue practicing all those  exercises for shyness that will help us to socialize with less fear.

Because shyness and social anxiety share so many traits in common, developing social skills through practice on our own and making the decision that we want to overcome our problem will be helpful regardless of the degree of shyness or social anxiety. However, the indispensable weapon is to work on self-confidence.

Because it’s insecurity that triggers both shyness and social anxiety. An insecurity that in most cases has its origin in low self-esteem. The guidelines? Gain confidence, transform the self-concept, feel valid and capable and get going by leaving our inner world a bit to go outside.

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