Suicidal thoughts due to anxiety: we look for another solution

End the suffering. It is the only thing a person who has been living with anxiety disorders for a long time can think about. Obviously, there are a thousand solutions to end anxiety, but you don’t always receive the support you need or you don’t manage to find the most appropriate treatment.

Although suicide is more related to depression, anxiety can also generate suicidal thoughts, as the only alternative to escape from that distorted, catastrophic and terrible reality that you perceive with anxiety. The most important thing is to prevent suicidal thoughts.  Because there is always another solution.

From anxiety to suicide

You can’t anymore. You have been immersed in that state of agitation for so long, with nerves as inseparable companions, the anguish, the pressure in the chest, that headache that never goes away. And the fear, above all, the fear that everything will go wrong. Even that fear of dying. Maybe it’s for the best. End everything and stop suffering.

These suicidal thoughts, this desire to die to put an end to suffering from anxiety is more frequent than we think and is better understood if some of the consequences of suffering from anxiety disorders for a long time are analyzed. Because reality disappears to make way for an agony.

There are many people who, because they have not sought help or have not found it, end up in an untenable situation. Anxiety problems can throw your life out of control to the point of losing work, friends and family. So it’s not strange, that at some point you can’t take it anymore and you decide to end it all. But we can assure you that suicide is not the best way out for your anxiety.

Recover the will to live

Perhaps you are wondering what is the point of living in that state, in a life that you are not able to control, that you are not even the owner of your thoughts, because they are  dominated by nerves, worry and anguish. Indeed, there is no point in living like this. That’s why we’re going to keep going fighting anxiety .

At this point, you probably don’t have the strength to keep fighting. Have you tried everything yet? I sure don’t. Psychological treatment for anxiety provides you with the tools you need to see the light and drive away your suicidal thoughts. And support groups allow you to meet people who have been in your situation, who understand you perfectly and who have managed to overcome anxiety. They have managed to regain the will to live.

You can do it too. You too can recover the illusion and the desire to do things, to talk to people, to hug, to laugh, to walk, to read. All of that can come back into your life as soon as you learn to manage anxiety. If so far you have not succeeded, do not be discouraged, you may not have found the right treatment. But if you try one more time, you will surely succeed.

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