Anxiety for no reason? There are always reasons for anxiety

You have a job; you have a boyfriend who loves you, a family that supports you, and friends who adore you. And you are also in good health. Your problems do not go beyond a fight with your partner, a bad day at work or the penalty for not being able to afford a vacation at sea. You don’t really have problems, so you can’t explain why anxiety hasn’t let you sleep, or concentrate, and sometimes not even breathe. Do you have anxiety for no reason?

No reason for anxiety

The people around you do not understand what is happening to you. You are more nervous, you get upset right away, you get angry, you feel sadder and you end the day with endless worries that overwhelm you so much that they don’t let you sleep. Your people don’t get it and neither do you. Why do you have that anxiety if you have no reason?

The truth is that there is always a reason for anxiety. Or several. And they do not necessarily have to be specific reasons that are why you are not able to discover the cause of your concern. But before you go crazy trying to find a reason for your nervousness, if you see that you present several of the symptoms of anxiety, it is better to consult your doctor to rule out a thyroid problem.

In any case, you do not have to look for a specific reason for your anxiety problem  that is something that you will solve more effectively if you put yourself in the hands of a psychologist. Sometimes, more often than we think, anxiety is motivated by not knowing how to face the day to day. That life surpasses you means that you do not have the necessary tools, perhaps because you are exhausted, perhaps because you did not have positive reinforcement since you were a child, or perhaps because there is something in your life that is hurting you and you are not aware of it.

There is always a reason for anxiety

But you should be aware that anxiety is not something that just happens. Neither do anxiety crises or panic attacks. And it is that it is very common to be surprised after one of these distressing episodes of anxiety thinking about why, thinking that there was really no reason. There is always a reason; another thing is that you do not know what it is.

While you discover the reason for your anxiety, until you find out what those wrong thoughts are that have caused the appearance of nerves, worry, fear or crises, you can try some natural therapy to start relaxing and surrounding yourself with calm, such as for example with aromatherapy essences or to practice yoga and recover a bit of balance.

Although one of the techniques that works best to relieve anxiety is breathing. Deep breathing will help you calm your nerves, but also clear your mind, cleanse it of harmful thoughts. Maybe that way you can find out what is causing your anxiety.

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