Sleep well: the best treatment to overcome anxiety

If anxiety disorders were more specific, if we could establish a precise cause or narrow the scope of their symptoms, they probably would have already invented a drug that would root out anxiety. But it turns out that anxiety is something more complex and, above all, global.

Overcoming anxiety involves finding that balance between mind and body, improving the quality of life, learning to manage worries without them ending up manifesting themselves in the form of symptoms or physical aids. As we always warn, psychotherapy is essential to cure anxiety, as essential as a daily gesture that we do not give the importance it deserves, which is sleeping. And also, sleep well.

Sleep well to overcome anxiety

Anxiety disorders are inextricably linked to sleep disturbances. Insomnia is presented as a cause, symptom and consequence, at the same time, of anxiety. And in addition, it also appears as one of the main obstacles to overcome anxiety, as well as one of the situations that aggravate anxiety disorders. And it is that lack of sleep is the number one enemy of emotional balance.

Despite the fundamental role that sleep plays in our quality of life, it is a habit to which we do not pay the attention it deserves. When we sleep badly, we wake up nervous, tired, upset, confused, worried, unmotivated. The truth is that chronic insomnia is one of the main triggers for depression and also anxiety disorders.

Not sleeping, or not sleeping well, means that our body does not get the restful rest it needs. In the same way, our mind cannot “clean” the negative thoughts that accumulate and end up eliminating the illusion . This is the scenario in which we stay when we don’t sleep: without strength, neither physical nor psychological.

Sleep hygiene against anxiety

The goal is to achieve a restful sleep, which gives us the energy we need to deal with anxiety problems. The benefits of sleeping well will also be noted in the reduction of most anxiety symptoms. Less nerves, less worry, less anguish, less sadness, less insecurity and, in return, more concentration, more mental clarity, more capacity for reflection, more energy and more control.

But it is not easy to get that restful sleep, which, in any case, involves maintaining what is called sleep hygiene. Sleep hygiene consists of a series of steps that should be rituals to get into bed calm, with a mind free of worries, totally ready to rest and receive all the benefits of sleeping well. And that is something that is achieved with perseverance and patience.

Use the bed only to sleep, always go to bed at the same time, create a relaxed atmosphere in the bedroom, avoid last-minute arguments, change the coffee or tea at night for some relaxing infusion, have a light dinner and turn off the television for a while Before going to sleep are some of the tricks that will help us achieve that sleep hygiene and sleep better.

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