Home remedies for anxiety

There are few people who have not suffered at some point the consequences of anxiety.  And it is that it is a very common disorder in this modern society so full of contradictions, insecurities and demands. Women are especially sensitive to anxiety, stress and anguish due to the pressure they are under to meet all expectations. This, together with the little support they receive, can lead them to depression.

Fight anxiety without medication

If you have been in an anxiety situation for some time dominated by sadness, fear, apprehension, and negative thoughts, you may already be beginning to notice the physical consequences of anxiety, such as tachycardia, shortness of breath, tremors, headaches, head or dizziness In that case, it is best to see your GP for help. But if you haven’t reached that point, you may be able to control the anxiety yourself.

Given the general nervousness and the feeling of impotence, the only thing that can be done is a stop. A stop to reflect on what worries us and how we can find solutions. And while the solutions appear we have to learn to relax. Relaxation techniques that teach you to breathe correctly and meditation can be a good starting point to deal with anxiety in a different way and without medication.

It is also important to surround yourself with all those things that make you feel good and that give you balance and tranquility, such as a chat with friends or a trip to the countryside to immerse yourself in all the calm of nature. But above all, you have to try to maintain a more positive attitude where a sense of humor is not lacking.

Phototherapy to combat anxiety

Carrying out any activity that promotes well-being will help you reduce anxiety and stress, be it physical exercise, taking a bubble bath or even knitting , which is said to be one of the most effective relaxation techniques. In addition, you have to try to sleep well to get the rest you need and start the day without nerves or stress. And as an extra help in your fight against anxiety you can resort to phototherapy.

The power of plants is well known, as is their effectiveness in alleviating certain health disorders. In the case of anxiety, Valerian and Linden are the most used for their calming effect that you can take advantage of both during the day and at night to fall asleep.  Although more effective but less known, is the infusion of orange leaves.

Nature can help you in many ways to obtain the tranquility you need in the face of anxiety, with lavender being your best ally at home. With scented candles or essential oils give your home a scent of lavender to receive calm and harmony. But remember that the fundamental thing to combat anxiety is to work on your emotional strength so that you can safely and energetically face any inconvenience. And, in any case, if you see that you cannot control anxiety on your own, do not hesitate to see a doctor.

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