Jennifer Lawrence, Lady Gaga, Demi Novato… Famous with anxiety

Anxiety disorders are a widespread disease of our time. So widespread those celebrities do not escape it, perhaps because of the pressure they are subjected to by always being in the spotlight of the press and fans. The fact is that anxiety is not suffered only by mere mortals, but movie and song stars also lose control. And it is that celebrities also have anxiety.

Celebrities with anxiety

We are so used to the eccentricities of celebrities that sometimes we are not surprised by their strange behavior or those losses of control that they show off at times. However, many of these behaviors can respond to an anxiety disorder, to which celebrities are no strangers.

One of the fashionable actresses, the star of “The Hunger Games”, Jennifer Lawrence  acknowledged having suffered anxiety at some point in her life, a kind of social phobia that made her feel excluded. It seems that it was thanks to her interpretation of her that her anxiety problem of her found a solution.

The queen of eccentricity, Lady Gaga, recently confirmed that she had turned to marijuana as a very personal treatment for anxiety. The singer felt overwhelmed by her international success, which implied an excess of work, more responsibility and always being in the lens of the cameras and fans.

For her part, actress and singer Demi Novato says she suffers from frequent panic attacks, sometimes related to stage fright, which has made her cancel some of her performances. And the also actress Drew Barrymore is one of the few who has confessed to having been overwhelmed by motherhood and thus she had to face an anxiety disorder shortly after her baby was born due to the responsibility that she entails being her mother to her.

Causes of anxiety in celebrities

If we search among the causes of anxiety in celebrities, we find the same reasons as in anonymous people, although in this case the media pressure to which they are subjected is added, which can cause not only generalized anxiety, but can also give rise to phobias, eating disorders and can even generate suicidal thoughts, as seems to be the case with actress Halle Berry.

Other celebrities who have been overwhelmed by fame and anxiety are Scarlett Johansson, Nicole KidmanJessica Alba or Beyoncé. And although anxiety seems like a typically feminine disorder, men also suffer from this type of emotional disorder and celebrities who have confessed to suffering from anxiety include the doctor who cures with sarcasm and bad milk, Hugh Laurie, the comedy actor Jim Carrey and one- time movie tough guy and rebel, Colin Farrell.

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