Tranquilizers for anxiety: pills and natural remedies

It seems that before learning to manage anxiety, we have to learn to calm it down, to control our nerves. And that is something we can do with tranquilizers. Logically, when we talk about tranquilizers we immediately think of anxiety medications, anxiolytics.  However, we can find other more natural tranquilizers.

Not for a moment have we thought of denying the service that medications do to fight anxiety, but we think that any doubt about anxiolytics will be better to consult with a professional. What we have discovered are another type of tranquilizers, healthier, more within reach, without side effects and without contraindications.

Natural tranquilizers

-Breathing. we never tire of repeating that one of the most effective tranquilizers is breathing. Something that seems so basic, but because it is an obligatory gesture we do not pay enough attention to it. You have to learn to breathe to control anxiety.

– Lavender, as a scent to wrap yourself in a relaxing bath or set the bedroom before bed.  It is a highly coveted plant for its relaxing properties that aromatherapy can take advantage of.

– Valerian. An infusion of valerian or capsules of this plant is the tranquilizer that phototherapy offers us. Although St. John’s Worth and Orange leaves are also protective of the nervous system and are used both in cases of anxiety and depression.

– Relaxation exercises. Achieving well-being and recovering emotional balance is possible thanks to techniques such as yoga or meditation, which include relaxation exercises.

Positive thinking

– You yourself can act as a powerful natural tranquilizer if you learn to manage your  thoughts, changing to a positive and optimistic thought without forgetting some maxims.

– Lower your degree of self-demand and failures will become enriching experiences.

– Learn to forgive your own mistakes and live with them. Excess perfectionism is one of the main causes of anxiety.

– Do not set yourself goals that are too high , find vital satisfaction in the small achievements of the day to day.

– Forget the demands and demands of others. Accept only the responsibilities that you can bear.

– Reflect; identify your emotions so you can learn to manage them. Fear, insecurity, sadness or grief are normal emotions, but in their proper measure.

– Everything can improve and, if you put your mind to it, it will improve.

– You can be happy despite the difficulties . Allow yourself to enjoy life.

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