Often we reduce anxiety to the realm of mental health without taking into account the physical consequences, which are many. We have often talked about muscle problems due to anxiety, insomnia or chronic fatigue, but sometimes we overlook digestive problems.    Anxiety can cause diarrhea, but we already know how to stop it. Take note.

Reasons Anxiety Causes Diarrhea

An emotional stress overload or generalized anxiety disorder is much more than a mental health problem. In fact, many times we go to the doctor for physical problems of dubious origin that cease to be doubtful as soon as we recognize the anxiety problem. Because anxiety shows in the body and a lot.

Hasn’t it ever happened to you that you have to go to the bathroom urgently before entering, a job interview or even on a date? It is a specific and very inopportune moment, of course, but it passes quickly. Now imagine that this situation of nervousness becomes the usual state, which is what happens with anxiety, since the logical thing is that you have the same problem but more frequently.

Indeed, diarrhea is one of the consequences of anxiety, but why? What happens in the body with anxiety is that the functions of the nervous system are accelerated and that acceleration of the rhythm affects the whole organism, also the digestive system. If the rate of digestion increases, the intestine is forced to work faster and that’s when diarrhea can appear.

How to stop anxiety diarrhea?

You see how the body warns you that it is under a lot of pressure. And, this time, it was diarrhea, but we have some tricks to stop it. Also, do not rule out going to the doctor  for drug treatment if the diarrhea is too frequent or you cannot stop it with natural remedies.

For now, pay attention to what will be your best allies in terms of food when you have diarrhea due to anxiety. Forget about dairy and fatty foods. In fact, you can forget about most of the foods you usually eat for a day or two. Try the so-called bland diet, boiled white rice, grated apple, and ripe bananas.

Try to eat a small amount but many times throughout the day. And take a good note of the alkaline drink that will accompany you throughout the day. Mix a liter of water with the juice of three lemons, add half a teaspoon of baking soda, another half of salt and three teaspoons of sugar. This concoction will be your salvation and you will notice the effects immediately.

The alkaline drink is the fastest natural way to stop diarrhea, but drink it throughout the day even if you no longer have problems. And in any case, there is something that you should not lose sight of in this matter of anxiety diarrhea.

As necessary as looking for a good remedy to stop diarrhea is not to lose sight of the cause of diarrhea: anxiety. Are you doing something with her? We ask because until you address the real problem, you will still have occasional bouts of diarrhea. We talk about the importance of going, of asking for professional help when you discover that anxiety is overflowing. Are you ever going to eliminate anxiety from your life? No, don’t even dream about it, because in fact you need it. But you can learn to manage it to reduce the negative impact it produces both physically (diarrhea) and emotionally.

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