5 mistakes we make with anxiety

It is difficult to learn to manage anxiety problems and the truth is that who needs help more and less to overcome it. It happens that many times it is our own behavior that does not let us get out of that circle of anxiety that creates more anguish and more anxiety.  Discover the 5 mistakes that we make with anxiety and that do nothing but maintain the problem.

5 mistakes we make with anxiety

1 Ignore her first and most frequent mistake is to ignore the first symptoms of anxiety.  Out of fear, shame, or because we don’t want to appear weak, we ignore the anxiety disorder until it seriously affects our daily lives.

2 Exaggerate it. The opposite case is exaggerating the anxiety disorder. Especially hypochondriac people tend to think that anxiety is going to kill them, that it is not just anxiety, that it is something else, usually a serious illness that they will not be able to overcome. Anxiety symptoms such as the sensation of suffocation and tachycardia only increase the belief that we are very close to the end.

3 Avoid it. No problem is solved by looking the other way, nor is anxiety. If we avoid experiencing situations that cause us anxiety , we are not learning to handle it, but we will only aggravate anxiety and become socially isolated.

4 Immediate results. Perhaps because an anxiety attack occurs suddenly and immediately, we want to end the anxiety disorder in the same way. And you can’t.  Managing anxiety requires time, technique, learning and patience. If we try to relax in order to immediately feel calm, we will most likely end up more nervous than we started.

5 Tablets. the subject of drugs for anxiety is a delicate one, because some pills do provide us with that immediate relaxation that we crave so much. However, its rapid effect must be assessed against the number of problems that can arise in the medium term if we abuse anxiolytics.

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