Chocolate and other delicacies to calm anxiety

It is not a matter of going to anxiety pills as soon as we feel nervous, stressed, anguished or worried. Anxiety disorders need medical treatment, but there are some remedies that we can use when we feel a little nervous. We are talking about anxiety remedies that are not only effective but also that we enjoy with them.

Chocolate for anxiety

We love chocolate . That chocolate bar that calls us from the kitchen cupboard or that piece of chocolate cake left over from the birthday party, or those fashionable chocolate cupcakes that look at us from the pastry shop window. Why give up such a whim? For the calories?

Now we have the perfect excuse because chocolate is a good remedy for anxiety. When you feel exhausted, nervous, sad, down, worried, when you notice that anxiety is starting to wreak havoc, try a little chocolate, because it is a food that helps release endorphins and makes you feel happier.

Sex for anxiety

Surely anxiety does not let you think about more than worries. Surely what you least want in that state of nerves is to have a roll with your boy. However, think about it, because the effort is worth it. A helping of sex with your boy can make you forget all your worries for a moment.

In addition, sex acts against the mental block produced by anxiety. If you’re blocked, if you don’t know what the next step is to solve your problems, if you can’t think about anything other than how nervous you’re getting, having sex will help you not think negatively as well as relax your muscles.

Talk for anxiety

One of the best therapies for anxiety is talking. A relaxed chat with your best friends, an afternoon of confidences, anecdotes and laughter and it will help you release your nerves.  At first, it may be a little difficult for you to concentrate and you probably don’t feel like listening to the ravings of your craziest friend, but in a few minutes you will feel surrounded by the affection of your friends and you will feel more relaxed.

Chatting with friends is one of the most therapeutic activities, yet we don’t usually give it the importance it deserves. The support of your friends reduces anxiety because it helps you get in touch with reality, it gives you other points of view and you can find all those options that anxiety doesn’t let you see.

Fields for anxiety

A walk in the countryside, hugging a tree in the park, a long walk in company through the woods or sitting down for a snack on the banks of a river are some of the most recommended activities to combat anxiety. Nature, however urban you may be, provides you with calm, peace and tranquility. So don’t hesitate and calm your anxiety on a field basis.

Also, getting away from your usual environment for a bit can make you regain control, seeing your life from the outside, from another perspective. Many times, those worries that overwhelm you and that don’t let you think dissolve as soon as you allow yourself to enjoy, even if it’s just for a moment, a bit of calm and tranquility.

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