Impatience as a cause and consequence of anxiety: learning to wait

You can’t wait any longer, you have to get it now, you have to know it now, and you have to arrive now. Undoubtedly, you are in a situation of anxiety and also impatience. But is it anxiety that causes impatience or impatience that causes you anxiety? Both options are possible, because impatience is a consequence of anxiety, but also one of its causes.

The dangerous combination of impatience and anxiety

Either as a cause or an effect, impatience and anxiety go hand in hand forming a couple that can end your emotional balance. An anxiety disorder can be affected if you are looking for a quick recovery, for example. But that impatience can also affect your day to day. You have to learn to wait, understand that everything takes time and face the wait without feeling frustrated.

Impatience can occur in countless moments. Perhaps you are waiting for the results of some medical tests and for a few days you can hardly control your nerves; maybe you have been called for a job interview and anxiety prevents you from sleeping until the right day arrives; Maybe you are looking forward to seeing your partner after a while away and you cannot concentrate on your work because you want the moment to arrive now.

Immediacy is something that is not subject to your control on most occasions. And it is that lack of control over the situation that impotence of not being able to act until the moment arrives is what produces anxiety. If impatience doesn’t let you live, act as soon as possible, because it won’t let you be happy.

How to take advantage of impatience?

But impatience, in addition to its cross, has its face. As with anxiety, which if you learn to manage it can become an ally to achieve your goals, impatience can be used for your own benefit. Because impatient people are those who want to see the result as soon as possible, in demanding, perfectionist people who are sure that they will achieve it.

For this reason, a certain degree of impatience can work as a motor, as a stimulant to take another step in your career, in your personal life, on the path to emotional balance. The desire or the imperious desire to achieve something can be the reasons for which to face the day with optimism and with all the strength. But if you don’t get it that day, remember not to get discouraged, because you may have to wait a little longer.

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