Anxiety as a consequence of shyness

That shyness causes anxiety problems is something that shy people know well. Sweats, nerves, flushing and tachycardia are symptoms of that anxiety that you cannot avoid and that worsen when you think that others are noticing. Start working on your personal development now because shyness can, you just have to put your mind to it.

Shyness causes anxiety

One of the consequences is anxiety. Shy people begin to feel inevitable nervousness, certain tremors, they can even stutter, they don’t know what to do with their hands or where to look. Anxiety advances when sweating, blushing and tachycardia begin, symptoms that that particular social situation has escaped their control.

One of the worst mistakes that shy people make is that anticipatory for any event. That preconceived idea that they are going to make a fool of themselves when they are introduced to a person, when they have to get up to speak in public or when they have the need to defend their rights. Because if you think that you are going to get nervous, the nerves will surely appear.

There are techniques to learn to overcome the anxiety caused by shyness. All of them go through experimenting with the most feared situations, to face shyness progressively, with trusted people and in a well-known environment. Little by little, the difficulty increases and with it the daring of the shy person to throw himself into situations that he has no control over.

The main premise for overcoming this type of anxiety caused by shyness is to relativize the feeling caused by blushing in public or stuttering or noticing how your hands shake. The rest of the world is not as aware of physical reactions or anxiety symptoms as the shy person thinks. And many times, the only person who notices the nervousness is herself.

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