While some women get pregnant more easily than they would like, others have a lot of trouble fulfilling their dream of becoming a mother. Does anxiety have anything to do with conceiving a baby? The truth is that it is both a physiological and an emotional issue, and it is true that anxiety can be a major obstacle to getting pregnant. We go a step further and ask ourselves if anxiety can cause infertility, because what we do know is that the consequences of anxiety cover our entire body.

Does anxiety cause infertility?

Hormonal changes are closely linked to moods. In this way, you have ever realized that if you have suffered an episode of any kind with a very strong emotional charge, it. Indeed, anxiety, anguish and stress can even cause the absence of ovulation and if you want to get pregnant, regularity is what you need the most.

Furthermore, anxiety not only affects you and your menstrual cycle, but also your partner.  The seminal quality decreases considerably when the man is subjected to a lot of stress, pressure or anxiety. In short, when we talk about anxiety and getting pregnant we enter a vicious circle from which it is difficult to get out.

Infertility Causes Anxiety

In addition, infertility causes anxiety. When you want to start a family and you can’t, frustration and sadness quickly turn into anxiety disorders. There is also the feeling of guilt, difficulties sleeping, relationship problems. “When a couple is prevented from having children due to an infertility diagnosis, this stressful and unexpected life event can be considered an ‘existential blow’ ‘ or like a curse. The confirmation of a picture of infertility can generate a deep wound in the emotional and psychological integrity of the couple”, affirms the thesis.

We are talking about having a baby and emotions are running high. But it is not necessary to reach that situation of infertility to have anxiety problems. Supposedly you and your partner can have children from a biological point of view, the doctors have said that there is no impediment, so what is happening? Why doesn’t the pregnancy come? Not being able to get pregnant in the time you had planned begins to put pressure on your lives.

Pressure and guilt because perhaps you have waited too long, because it is going to be late, because it is the only thing you need in life to be happy, because without a baby you will never be happy (or so you think now), because the whole family is waiting for you… And the baby, when? And it won’t be that you don’t try, but that pressure has raised anxiety levels to an unbearable point.

What to do when you don’t get pregnant due to anxiety

It is difficult to advise a couple who is trying to have a baby and cannot do so due to anxiety problems. People will tell you that nature is wise and that this is not the time, but these things hurt you, so much that anxiety may lead to depression.

We are going to get out of this vicious cycle in which the lack of pregnancy causes anxiety and the anxiety continues to delay the pregnancy. We are going to stop here because this circle usually leads to a depressive disorder and, on many occasions, tithe. And we are going to ask for psychological help to get out of this circle.

Because before you get pregnant, before starting a family, you should learn to manage anxiety. And that can only be done with psychological. It’s going to take a while, you’re going to spend a while without thinking about the pregnancy, but think about it. Doesn’t your baby deserve healthy parents with all the strength available to take care of him?

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