Diet for anxiety: foods that relax

We know perfectly well that a healthy and balanced diet would considerably improve our quality of life. We know it, but most of the time we don’t take it into account. It is still a mistake not to pay attention to food, since it could help us overcome anxiety.

And it is that anxiety and food are closely related, not only in the form of all those bad eating habits that derive from anxiety, such as eating to try to calm the nerves. Certain foods help us relax and maintain a more positive mood. We discovered the diet for anxiety.

The nutrients we need for anxiety

Nerves, palpitations, insomnia or muscle pain are some of the symptoms, in addition to a constant vital concern that prevents us from enjoying life. Without neglecting the corresponding medical treatments to overcome anxiety or even the infinity of alternative therapies against nerves, we can find some calm in our diet.

To keep anxiety at bay we must focus our diet on three elements: magnesium, tryptophan and vitamin B. Magnesium acts as a relaxant and does so directly on the heart rhythm, something that is especially effective in the case of tachycardia. So characteristic of anxiety. For its part, tryptophan, as long as it has enough vitamin B in the body, acts on the production of serotonin, which helps improve our mood and calm us down in more nervous situations.

The most relaxing foods

– Artichokes, spinach, soybeans and bananas are very rich in magnesium.

– Legumes and whole grain products provide a large amount of vitamin B, as well as oat flakes and brewer’s yeast.

– Fish, eggs and pineapple guarantee the contribution we need of tryptophan and dairy products cannot be missing either.

– Cereal bars and a piece of fruit will be our allies to eat between meals and not encourage our nervousness.

– Yellow vegetables and also green leafy ones contain large amounts of vitamin A that reduce bad mood and irritability.

– Honey is our trump card to combat insomnia caused by anxiety. It is ideal for sweetening relaxing infusions before going to sleep, without the need to use sugar.

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