How to control anxiety: habits for a calmer and happier life

We need a certain degree of anxiety to remain active, generate ideas, enjoy the illusions and feel satisfied with the achievements. But when anxiety gets out of control, the opposite effect occurs, which decenters us, that nerves paralyze us, that worries overwhelm us.

It’s time to take charge and put anxiety under control , to learn to handle it instead of letting it handle us. Notwithstanding medical treatments for anxiety, we have some tricks to keep anxiety at bay. Learn to control anxiety.

Healthy habits to control anxiety

Controlling anxiety involves changing some lifestyle habits. Perhaps it is the opportune moment to fulfill all those promises of a healthy life that we have been trying for years.  Because to keep anxiety at bay what we need most is regularity. Regularity in schedules, meals, sleeps… which amounts to maintaining a daily routine, which does not necessarily imply boredom.

Eating meals at the same time every day, eating a healthy and balanced diet where vegetables and fresh foods prevail, and avoiding exciting drinks such as coffee, tea, soft drinks or alcohol as much as possible, is essential to that the nerves do not make their appearance.

But it is also essential to practice some physical exercise, which helps us release tension and feel more energetic, with more vitality. If we do this physical exercise late in the afternoon, we will be helping to alleviate one of the worst symptoms of anxiety such as insomnia. Because if we don’t sleep well, we don’t live well.

Organization to manage anxiety

Continuing with the necessary changes that we must make in our lifestyle to keep anxiety at bay, the next step after starting a healthy lifestyle plan is organization. Many times, anxiety is generated by poor organization, by accumulation of pending tasks, work or personal.

So a good idea is to keep an agenda up to date. First of all, we must resolve pending issues and, once free of past obligations, focus on day to day. When organizing ourselves we have to be realistic in the objectives, something that may take us a few weeks.

In any case, it is also very important to dedicate some time to ourselves every day. 20 minutes are enough to disconnect from obligations, responsibilities and concerns and dedicate them solely to thinking or doing what makes us happy. Try it, and you will see how you begin to gain ground on anxiety.

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