False myths about health: “Anxiety we all have”

Anxiety is a certain medical condition; it can manifest itself in many different ways. It should always be treated, so if we constantly feel trouble concentrating, fatigued or more irritable than normal, it is best to go to a specialist to diagnose our problem. Many times depression is confused with anxiety; they have nothing to do with it. Anxiety is  similar to depression, not in degree of importance, since they are at different levels, but both are difficult to understand and must always be treated. No one chooses to have either disorder, they just happen for no fully explicit reason.

Anxiety in the 21st century affects many, but not all

This disorder has many myths and legends around it, some of them are false, even having believed otherwise for years and years. It’s hard to believe, given the stressful and rushed lifestyle we lead, but anxiety doesn’t affect us all. There is a great myth that says that it is totally generalized for that reason, but it is not so. Whoever has anxiety notices changes in his way of living, in greater alteration in nerves and has to go to a specialist. The rest of the world may be overwhelmed or stressed; talking about anxiety is big words.

This medical problem is associated with attacks called anxiety attacks that are very dangerous for the person who suffers them, since they enter a state of shock that neither the person nor those around them can control. This is another of the things that must be taken into account; the person who suffers it does not choose to suffer it. The same happens with depression and with all kinds of illnesses, whether they are mental or from another field of medicine. For this reason, we cannot take this issue lightly and think that because someone is overwhelmed and because they live in the 21st century, they have anxiety, because before giving a popular diagnosis they must see a doctor.

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