Meditation for anxiety and the technique of ‘mindfulness’

Nervous, agitated, worried, shaky… that’s how we are when we suffer from anxiety. But also confused, unfocused, indecisive. And these symptoms respond to a mismatch in our mind. Anxiety distorts reality making it more dangerous, more difficult, and more disturbing.

We need to return to reality to eliminate all that anxiety that does not let us live. And a good way to get in touch with reality is meditation . Through meditation, our mind is cleansed of those negative automatic thoughts. So we have learned some meditation techniques for anxiety.

Mindfulness meditation for anxiety

There are many different forms of meditation. It is generally thought that meditation is aimed at clearing the mind, completely emptying the mind of all thought in order to achieve a state of calm and peace. However, the meditation practice known as “mindfulness” proposes the opposite. Mindfulness proposes to fill the mind with reality and be fully aware of that reality.

The objective of “mindfulness” is the same as that of any other type of meditation, that is, to recover mental calm, eliminate automatic thoughts and get rid of anxiety, nerves and stress. The more aware we are of certain thought or a specific action, the easier it will be for us not to let anxiety creep into our minds .

There are two fundamental elements in the practice of “mindfulness”, which are open awareness and full presence. This means that, by focusing on a specific action, such as watching the rain hitting the windows, we must be perfectly aware of what is happening at this precise moment. Eliminate everything else to fix a present reality in our minds. Neither past guilt nor future fears. Just the now.

How to practice meditation?

This “mindfulness” proposal to live in the present moment is very attractive, which is precisely what anxiety prevents us from, filling our minds with fears, worries and stress.  How can we achieve that state of calm? How can we focus on the here and now and forget about our nerves?

One of the simplest meditation exercises is mindful observation. Fix your attention on an object that you find around you, such as a cup of coffee. Take the cup in your hands, observe it, and fix your attention on its shape, its colors, and its touch. In a few seconds everything else will disappear. Imagine what you can do practicing this exercise alone, with no one to bother you. Imagine what it will be like to forget about all your problems for a few seconds.

Be aware of meditation

We are willing to try any treatment, technique, practice or philosophy to combat anxiety, wherever it comes from. And meditation seems to us one of the most interesting proposals to achieve calm and tranquility. However, we would like to issue a warning to all those people who want to enter the path of meditation.

There are a large number of gurus, scammers and scammers who promise happiness in exchange, not necessarily for money, but in exchange for adhering to their philosophy of life, separating you from your own life. It is still contradictory that a technique that aims to be more aware of reality ends up moving you away from your own social, work and family reality to lock yourself in a single reality, also distorted.

We say this because there are more and more people with emotional disorders such as anxiety or depression. And while the number of people desperately seeking a little calm and happiness is increasing, so is the number of unscrupulous people who take over their lives and their thoughts, if not their money.

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