OCD: compulsive repetition of words and phrases (symptoms and treatment)

It is worth taking into account the importance and risk of suffering formed a problem that affects 3% of the population but presents mild symptoms in 13%. One of the manifestations of OCD is the compulsive repetition of words and phrases, something that can cause many problems at a social level in addition to the obvious danger it poses to the personality of the person who suffers from it. We tell you what this specific type of OCD consists of and what its symptoms and treatment are.

How Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) works?

Compulsively repeating words and phrases is not the only way in which Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is evidenced. In fact, it is not one of the most frequent symptoms, since we have heard more about checking, order, accumulation or the need to wash continuously, for example. But in reality, they are variants of the same problem.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is not a personality disorder. It is, according to the DSM5 (Psych diagnostic Manual), an anxiety disorder. It is often confused with Personality OCD, which is a personality disorder classified in the same manual within the three groups of personality disorders as Type C Disorder, within avoidant and dependent disorders. The TOCP manifests itself with excessive perfectionism, rigidity, inflexibility, not delegating tasks, excessive concern for the rules that leads him to be critical and intransigent with others and society if he does not comply with them…

OCD in general is characterized by two fundamental aspects, which are what give it its name:

Obsessions: they are usually thoughts or ideas, but also recurring and invasive images that arise almost automatically. Instead of discarding them, the mind keeps them and they settle in it permanently. This generates great anxiety and worry that is temporarily alleviated through compulsions.

Compulsions: they are repetitive acts or behaviors, sometimes in the form of forced rituals to avoid the supposed danger that obsessions have previously created. “If I don’t wash my hands, I’ll get sick”, for example.

The OCD of repetition of words and / or phrases: symptoms

In the case of repetition of words or phrases, a very complex mental process occurs. The person with this OCD cannot avoid repeating certain phrases or words, almost always their own, with the intention that a disaster does not occur. But, sometimes, he can also repeat the words of another person, as an echo, and that can cause more than one altercation in the social sphere.

Why does this need to repeat words or phrases arise? For an obsession that varies in each person. It can also be a great insecurity that the person tries to avoid by reaffirming what has been said with that repetition. Although most of the time the compulsion to repeat words or phrases is more like a protective ritual from a danger invented by the mind, or a cognitive distortion of superstitious thinking.

OCD Consequences of Repeating Words and Phrases

Repeating words or phrases compulsively is something that other people can see as an offense or confront. If you are aware that you suffer from OCD, you can explain it to minimize its consequences, but until you realize your problem it can take a long time.

Among the personal consequences of suffering from this word or phrase repetition disorder are intrusive thoughts that only reinforce the problem. The person with this OCD does not feel well and obsesses over it. He is aware that something is wrong, but he cannot avoid it and his self-esteem is destroyed by the feeling of inadequacy.

It is precisely the lack of control over their thoughts and their repetition behavior that overflows with anxiety, in a vicious circle from which it is very difficult to get out. That person feels great anxiety and knows that he can relieve it by repeating words or phrases.  But it’s a temporary, brief relief, and knowing that he “needs” the repetitive behavior increases.

OCD treatment of repetition of phrases or words

How to stop compulsions? The treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder goes through psychological or psychiatric therapy and, in some cases, it is also necessary to intervene with a psychiatrist and receive medication or drugs for its treatment.

Among the usual treatments to overcome repetition disorder is Cognitive, which has achieved so much success in anxiety disorders, phobias and depression. Other methods such as Third Generation Therapies are not ruled out, among which are Acceptance and Commitment therapy, Functional Analytical Therapy, and Dialectic Behavioral Therapy. There are also Gradual Exposure Therapies, which is a technique of cognitive-behavioral orientation therapy, but always under the supervision of a professional.

Have you heard of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) of repetition of words and phrases? Tell us about your experience in the comments to help other readers and remember that in Dario Feminine you can always find more details about the different types of OCD. Put a solution and stop it as soon as possible!

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