The definitive solution to control anxiety

The mere mention of the makes us shudder, but anxiety is a mechanism that we need to cope on a day-to-day basis. It is when anxiety is excessive that problems and health risks appear. We have found the definitive solution to control anxiety and keep it at healthy levels.

The solution you need to control your anxiety

When you suffer from generalized it is necessary to receive medical and psychological treatment. From there, it is in your power to live free of anxiety, but not without anxiety, since you will need it to face the day to day with strength. The question that everyone asks is, can anxiety be controlled? Dog. And we have the solution.

The definitive solution to control anxiety is found in relativizing. If you take life too seriously, if and obligations and if you have also had a run of bad luck in life, you have an anxiety disorder knocking on your door. Do not let him pass and relativize your situation.  Always be clear that life is a succession of eras and that this, like the others, will pass.

Already in ancient Rome they gave us the key to keep anxiety away and learn to relativize.  Under the motto of ‘carpe diem’ or ‘enjoy the moment’, the Romans were not inviting us to a life of debauchery, but rather to live in the present with full awareness. Leaving and not being overwhelmed by the future are the requirements to have a present without anxiety.

And it is that it is useless to, nor to suffocate ourselves before the prospect of an unpromising future. The future can only come through the present and the quality of life you want for tomorrow depends on you. The popular proverb also warns about anxiety: ‘everything has a solution except death’. So take a deep breath and don’t miss a second of your day.

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