The anxiety caused by traveling in 8 funny gifs

Planning a trip can cause a lot of headaches because, if spontaneity is not your thing, you want to have everything controlled to the millimeter.

But even more so if you are a person who suffers from anxiety, then everything turns against you and your nerves take over. A trip instead of a rest is an ordeal.

These are some of the thoughts you may have when travelling:

– I have to leave at least 2 hours before to be sure that I will arrive on time and this does not happen to me…

– And if there is traffic to get to the airport? So better 3 hours before.

– Ugh, I can’t sleep, I’m afraid of the plane. I’m going to see what’s on TV (Airplane crash movies on all channels).

– And if I lose the suitcase? what do I do? I have my whole life stuck in there.

– I booked the hotel online but they have told you about the scams that exist on these kinds of websites.

– Have I taken the tickets? I’ll look. Yes here it is, and the passport? I’ll look. (Action repeated 3 times minimum).

– I have all the vaccines up to date but what if they don’t work? Or even worse, if there is a new disease without a vaccine?

– And once in the plane, bus, ship, train or car… did I lock the door of the house?

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