Social networks generate anxiety: do you know how to use Facebook and Twitter?

They are there to inform us, to meet people, to remember good times, to cheer us up when we are bad, to gossip, to work…they are the social networks, mainly Facebook and Twitter, which have marked a before and after in social relations. But be careful, because in social networks all that glitters is not gold and they carry some risks. Social networks as a cause of anxiety.

Facebook and Twitter as a cause of anxiety

We know that the causes of anxiety disorders can be very varied. At present, with the development of new technologies, we have to add one more cause of anxiety: social networks. Many hate them and many more adore them, but what is indisputable is that they are already part of our lives. If we can’t and don’t want to avoid using Facebook or Twitter, we can at least prevent them from making our anxiety worse.

These social networks are an inexhaustible source of worries. Both Facebook and Twitter demand constant attention that can be very addictive and also generate anxiety. Upload a photo and check every 30 seconds if we have provoked a comment or a “like”. The disgust we get when so-and-so has not designed to comment on our publication. How many “likes” do I have?

Facebook and Twitter have such a broad user profile that today it is impossible to define it.  But certain personality traits are observed that can generate more anxiety: egocentrism, need for attention, insecurity, impatience or poor social skills in face to face. Shy people in real life who show their wits in virtual life. But his insecurity remains behind the computer screen.

Avoid anxiety caused by social networks

The scope of anxiety problems due to social networks will increase thanks to the smartphone. Today we can be aware of Facebook, Twitter, our mail, etc. Anytime and anywhere. The risk of dependency is not the worst of this indiscriminate access to social networks, but the nervousness of waiting, the restlessness. Have they told me? I’m missing something?

It is not about demonizing social networks, because we are perfectly aware of their advantages, their attractions and even their usefulness. And the truth is that the anxiety generated by virtual life is due to an abuse of these social networks. We cannot fail to mention the effects of Facebook and Twitter on insomnia. Do we know how to use social networks?

We cannot consider these social networks as a substitute for our social life. We must take advantage of the advantages of technology, but without neglecting those coffees with friends after work. Nor would it be bad to establish a schedule to attend our virtual friends or take care of that part of our online life, just as we do with our real life.

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