Valerian, a very effective natural remedy against anxiety

Although our goal is to learn to manage anxiety, live calmly, without being eaten up by worries and face the day to day calmly, we are also interested in alleviating the symptoms of that anxiety that we have not yet managed to control. And nothing better than looking in nature for the best remedies for anxiety.

Both phototherapy and grandmother’s remedies appropriate the benefits of plants to combat aids of all kinds, from headaches or muscle pain to emotional disorders. And in the case of anxiety, the star plant is undoubtedly valerian.

Valerian for anxiety

Valerian is a plant that has relaxing and sedative effects and has hardly any contraindications, which is why it is recommended in the treatment of anxiety. It is observed that valerian considerably reduces the intensity of many symptoms of anxiety, such as nervousness, agitation, palpitations or insomnia.

Among the many beneficial effects of valerian for anxiety are stress relief, decreased restlessness, and a distinct sense of calm. Therefore, it seems an effective plant when it comes to finding the relaxation we need.

However, it should be remembered that valerian does not cure anxiety, but rather relieves its symptoms. We also found some complications with the use of valerian, since combined with some medications it can make it difficult for the liver to absorb them. In any case, and even if it is a natural remedy, you should consult your doctor before taking it.

Valerian properties

Actually what is used of valerian is, fundamentally, the root. And we can take it both in infusion and in capsules . Most of the people prefer the capsules since they are more comfortable and the taste is somewhat hidden, which is quite strong. And its essence can also be used to add it to the bath and achieve a more relaxing effect.

The properties of valerian are not directed exclusively to calm the symptoms of anxiety.  This plant is also used for muscle pain, headaches, stomach discomfort, and menstrual cramps or even for some menopause disorders.

But its main function is that of a sedative. Something that is very effective in cases of insomnia due to anxiety. Valerian helps to relax, to rest and, therefore, to sleep better. In some cases it becomes the natural substitute for sleeping pills, so we take note of valerian as another ally in our fight against anxiety.

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