What to do when you have anxiety: how to treat the different symptoms

Anxiety is a problem that is becoming more widespread among the population. This psychological disorder is quite complicated to face, to overcome, and to defeat forever, which is why it is important to be well informed about what to do when you have anxiety, as well as some techniques to help you deal with it correctly.

What is anxiety and what are its symptoms?

In the first place, we must define anxiety very well as a response that allows us “either to face or to flee”, according to the psychologist. “It has existed since man existed, it is a response that we have emitted, the current problem is to remain fixed in anxiety when the situation does not require an escape or when an attack is not taking place “.

Thus, when a person suffers from anxiety, they may experience different symptoms, including palpitations, sleep problems, eating disorders, we may be more irritated, tenser, and contractures may appear in the body… Although the symptoms may be other, such as for example having nausea or stomach pain, even a pressure in the chest and a feeling of lack of air.

Of course, to know how to identify anxiety well, you have to know how. On the one hand, stress is something that is causing us a response but it has to do with something external (public speaking, traveling by plane…) and it has certain duration. Anxiety is driven by internal states, by thoughts, by a hook to the future or the past, by not knowing how to handle a stressful situation very well and it lasts over time.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Panic Disorder

Among the different anxiety disorders that can exist, there are two that are the most common and that many people may have suffered throughout their lives. What are they really in Generalized or Panic Disorder?

Generalized anxiety disorder: it is about being very afraid, because anxiety and fear go hand in hand. It is a disorder maintained over time (for at least 6 months or more)  and it involves people who are worried about everything, have some symptom that manifests itself for a long time and not something punctual. Sleep disorders, difficulty concentrating…

Panic Disorder: This is when you have a lot of anxiety and a lot of fear in a short period of time. It occurs when the balance between the amount of oxygen inhalation and carbon dioxide in exhalation is broken, which causes symptoms. The person suffering from it believes they are having a heart attack or worse and often ends up in the emergency room.

What is the best treatment to address the symptoms of anxiety?

It is important to note that anxiety does not occur for a specific cause, but that everything depends on the person who suffers from it. The main treatment is psychological or psychotherapeutic help, although you can also go for a medical assessment and let the doctor decide if drugs are required.

It should be noted that drugs will always help alleviate symptoms, but they will not cure anxiety. To treat the root of the problem it is necessary to put yourself in the hands of specialists and that they are the ones who carry out a specific therapy. A recommendation? People with anxiety can try disciplines like yoga or meditation, which help a lot against the symptoms.

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