Financial anxiety: economic problems that do not let you live

They say that money does not bring happiness, but the truth is that economic problems can take away happiness. The increase in anxiety problems in a society in economic crisis is due to both labor and economic problems, since both go hand in hand. Financial anxiety is the norm in these times when no one has financial security.

What is financial anxiety?

It seems that the term financial anxiety is linked to stockbrokers, nervous and expectant before the rise or fall of their shares. But this financial anxiety affects ordinary mortals these days when we are all economic experts. Concepts such as risk premium, deficit, inflation, recession or debt are now handled in our daily conversations.

National financial problems are transferred to the domestic sphere, generating anxiety problems. Getting to the end of the month is an odyssey for many families that, in the best of cases, are getting more in debt every day. In other cases, they run the risk of losing everything, employment, home, and they face the problem of not being able to cover basic needs.

Going to bed wondering if tomorrow you will have something to feed your family is not the ideal situation to ask for relaxation or to practice the breathing exercises that we always recommend in cases of anxiety. And it is that when we face financial anxiety, we face a vital problem that is difficult to solve in which psychologists, self-help books or meditation techniques can do little.

Financial anxiety that can be avoided

Although financial anxiety is not something that can be treated when it arises from an individual problem, there is a type of financial anxiety that we can avoid. It is about that growing and overwhelming insecurity at a general level. Society feels economically vulnerable; the shadow of the rescue lengthens until we become a fearful society that does not dare to act.

It is curious to observe how the anxiety symptoms described for individuals can be transferred to society as a whole. A nervous society that does not dare to spend even if it has money for it, a doubtful society of where to put its savings, in case it has any, a fearful society of the future. In short, a society paralyzed by financial anxiety.

It would be convenient to relativize the general fear of the crisis and act individually according to the resources that each person has. Relativizing economic problems at the country level is necessary so that we can live day to day free from anxiety and fear.

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