Alternative therapies to combat anxiety

We fight against anxiety because it is one of the great ills of modern life, along with stress and depression. And we fight anxiety disorders because we want to feel better, enjoy life, and be happy. So, without neglecting medical treatment for anxiety, we have searched for the best alternative therapies for anxiety.

Alternative therapies against anxiety

We have prepared a list of the main alternative therapies that can reduce anxiety symptoms and complement drug and psychological treatment. They are not all, but the most effective. And we will get to know them in depth in this anxiety.

AromatherapyEssential oils, the aromas of different plants are as effective in treating as anxiety. Sandalwood, orange and lavender will be your best allies to calm your nerves.

Bach flowers. We turn to nature, in this case to flowers, to create relaxing elixirs based on Bach flowers. If you are not new to this alternative therapy, it is better that you start with an expert.

Phototherapy. We continue with the, using their healing power through phototherapy. For anxiety, you should not miss St. John’s Worth in your house.

Homeopathy. Homeopathy is not so much a therapy as a true alternative medicine. It also uses the healing power of condensed plants to combat your anxiety with few side effects.

Laughter therapy. Laughter is the secret to a good quality of life. Laughter therapy is valid to treat psychological, but also any other disease. If you try it, you repeat.

Reflex therapy. This technique that contains all the oriental wisdom relaxes and fights anxiety by massaging or pressing the reflex points, located on the foot, which connect directly with the brain.

Acupuncture. Using the same principles as reflex therapy, acupuncture is performed by inserting needles into the hand and forearm to directly combat anxiety.

Reiki. Through the imposition of hands, the flow allowing you to achieve the state of relaxation that you need for your nerves.

Yoga. A discipline that promotes the balance, ideal for anxiety disorders because it teaches you to breathe and stay relaxed.

Massages. a good massage, carried out by a specialist, is one of the most effective techniques to combat anxiety due to the sensation of well-being and balance it produces.

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