How to know if I have OCD: 15 VERY obvious signs

Disorders one of the most limiting anxiety disorders. There is some danger that, over time, OCD will lead to problems at work, in your social life, with your partner, in your family and end up isolating you. For this reason, it is convenient to seek psychological treatment at the first signs, but how do I know if I have OCD? Pay attention to the most obvious signs.

How to detect if you suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

It may be that lately you feel more nervous, everything overwhelms you or you feel that life overwhelms you. It’s the you know so well, right? But it is also that now your head has been filled with obsessive thoughts that at times you consider absurd and other times you believe are absolute truths.

Those obsessive thoughts are loaded with fear. You are afraid of things that you had not even considered before and now those worries occupy the main place in your life. Fear makes you feel insecure and more anxious and you need to calm down anyway. And how do you do it?

Calm (momentary) comes when you perform a compulsive act. Wash your hands, sort your socks by color, check if you’ve closed the door five times or check that email another five times just in case you haven’t sent it to the correct recipient. Compulsions are the product of obsessions and we are facing an OCD.

15 Strong Signs You Have OCD

These are the most frequent obsessions and compulsions when you suffer from OCD.  Take a good look if you have any of them and consult a professional.

  1. You are afraid of the disease. You or someone in your family may get sick.
  2. The idea that something may be contaminated does not leave you all day.
  3. You wash your hands continuously, you clean and disinfect every corner of your house and you may have to shower several times a day.
  4. You change all your clothes when you come home from the street and put them in the washing machine for fear that they might be contaminated.
  5. You are afraid of losing control and hurting someone. Violent images or thoughts may cross your mind.
  6. You need everything to have a certain order.
  7. You save and accumulate things that you do not need, that you do not use or that are no longer useful.
  8. You have a hard time making decisions.
  9. You continually check your work for fatal errors.
  10. You such as turning off the light, closing the door or looking for the car keys.
  11. You have certain rituals that you consider necessary to calm your anxiety, such as always sitting in the same chair or lowering and raising the blinds before leaving them in a certain way.
  1. You repeat words, phrases or numerical sequences with the aim that nothing bad happens.
  2. You have some bodily tics such as blinking or compulsively touching any part of your body.

Fifteen. You are afraid of forgetting something important.

What to do if you have OCD?

The fact that you have hobbies or rituals at certain times of the day, that you have some superstition or that you have gotten used to making some repetitive gesture is not a sign that you have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The key to knowing if you have a disorder is obsession and the recurrence of those intrusive thoughts.

Generally, you can sense that something is happening because OCD affects and limits your personal, social, and work life. So its better toes soon as possible, at the first doubt. Putting yourself in the hands of specialists will not only help you overcome Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, but it can also help you reduce anxiety and live feeling free, safe and without fear.

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